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 Essential Oil Book

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Table of Contents 
Basic Facts About Essential Oils 1
Frequency Reaction to Substance 3
Nose and Olfactory System 5
Blood Brain Barrier 6
Research Results from Weber State University 7
Body Systems and Essential Oils 9
The Many Ways to use Essential Oils 12
Essential Oil Kits 20
Christmas Time Kit 21
The Essential Kit  22
Biblical Oils Kit 24
Seven Heavenly Scents Kit 26
Raindrop Feather Kit 28
Touch of Gold Kit 30
Touch of Silver Kit 31
Emotional Release Kit   32
Vita Flex Therapy and Technique and Principles  34-35
Vita Flex Foot Chart  36
Vita Flex Hand Chart 37
Auricular Internal Body Points  38
Biological Dentistry  39
Which Oils for Which Conditions? 40
Key Scientific Research on Essential Oils  79
Comparative Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Antibiotics  86
Kitchen Recipes  87
ORAC Juice  101
Testimonials 102
Recommended Reading 115
Bibliography 116
Notes 117
Contents of Numbered Blends 118-119